#writemotivation Wrap-up


Well, I'm not sure how it happened, but August has now come and gone. My friends have all posted their kids' back-to-school pictures, the light outside has taken on that golden autumn hue, and my TV is bombarding me with commercials for the new fall shows. Since August is over, that means another #writemotivation month is now finished, and it also means my wrap-up is already five days late.
My only goal for the month was to FINALLY finish my WIP. Unfortunately, I didn't quite make it. When the month started, I thought it was mostly small-time stuff left: tweaking awkward phrasing, fixing logic issues, cleaning up sloppiness. Turns out I vastly underestimated the ripple effect of the major changes I made when I completely rewrote the first half. But even though I wasn't expecting it, it's not a bad thing. I've been layering in the deeper characterizations I established in the first half, and it's been pretty awesome watching the back half improve right before my eyes.
And while I didn't finish, with the push from #writemotivation, I rewrote more in August than I typically manage at my usual glacial pace. And if I can maintain the new pace, I should be completely done in two weeks. Whoo hoo! I didn’t officially sign up for #writemotivation for September, but I’ll be with everyone in spirit.
I will confess that I blew off the last three days of August. Instead of pushing toward my goal line, I left my computer at home for a family Labor Day weekend at the lake. The weather was perfect for swimming and we had lots of yummy food. And if nothing else, it was completely worth it for this picture:
Crazy Chloe
You know that in her head, Chloe thinks she looks like this:

It's All in the Timing

But to everyone else, she looks like this: 

great white breach

And for the next two weeks, I'm going to look like ferocious Chloe as I attack my goal and finally finish this rewrite!

Now I don’t want to end with everyone thinking Chloe is scary, so here’s a picture of her being her usual sweet self:

Chloe Kiss
Or maybe she’s just giving me a taste test before chomping off my face.
How did your goals go for August? What are your new goals for September? Chloe: graceful lady or scary beast? 
#writemotivation image courtesy of Hugh Lee and licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.
Water Chloe image courtesy of Joanna Rish
Hair flip image courtesy of Andy Beal
Shark image courtesy of Mike Davison
Kissing Chloe image courtesy of Joanna Rish