Tweet Tales Tuesday Week 60

15 Minute Tweet TalesI had a first this week here at the 15 Minute Tweet Tales headquarters: a repeat word. On Feb 27th, the next word in line in the Rare Words book was anabasis, but it had already been the #15tt word on Nov 18th. What to do? If it hadn't been so recent, I might have just used it again, but I had a hard enough time writing my tale with it the first time around. As part of the definition of anabasis in the book, it mentioned that catabasis was its opposite, so I decided to make that the #15tt word instead.

Then on March 3rd, the word was contronym, which is a word with multiple definitions that are the opposite of each other. As a writer and lover of words, I can't believe I've never heard this term before, but it is now my new favorite thing. In fact, I think the concept will be making a reappearance on my blog very soon.  
The Rare Words book gave bolt as an example contronym, but I couldn't think of any others to use in my tweet tale, so I consulted my good friend google. In the list I found, the very first word was anabasis. How weird is that?!? And then on March 4th the word was quiddity, and its definition mentions it's also a contronym. I'd never heard of a contronym before and then get two in one week? I tell you, for a word nerd, it's been a very exciting week on the #15tt front. Oh dear, I need to get a more exciting life, don't I?
Anyway, here are my tweet tales for the week:
2/27 - Jan is finally winning the war: the catabasis of the cancer cells a sure sign of victory. No quarter offered, only deadly chemo justice.
2/28 - The rubric in her biology textbook read, "Do NOT Trust Him!" But when she asked, no one else saw the red ink. Why? And who was 'Him'?
3/1 - Histrionics are the anlage of Tom's family: his son doesn't cry when he falls, confirming Tom's suspicion about his wife and best friend.
3/2 - A perpetual failure, Tim endues himself in military fatigues and walks in and out of the airport soaking in the gratitude of travelers.
3/3 - Tiger was excited to hear he was being fixed, thinking his stolen claws were being replaced. Poor kitty didn't know about contronyms.
3/4 - Juan was renowned for capturing the quiddity of his subject's soul on canvas. After viewing his portrait, the king had Juan beheaded.
3/5 - Everyone agreed the pendragon was the fairest leader they'd ever had. If only they knew he made every decision by flipping a coin.
Play along and write tweet tales for the above words. If you’re willing to share, post them on twitter with the hashtag #15tt or add them below in the comments because I’d love to read them. Any thoughts about this week's tweet tales or #15tt words?