Tweet Tales Tuesday Week 36

15 Minute Tweet TalesSince yesterday’s post was so jam packed, I’ll keep today’s short and sweet with “Just the tweets, ma’am.”  Here are the 15 Minute Tweet Tales for the past week: 

9/12 - He wiped out his savings trying to reify his love for her. He wept when she moved on to another sucker willing to buy her affection.
9/13 - She wrestles through the skimble-skamble novel her son spent 4 yrs writing.
Hope shines from his eyes. "Well?"
"I loved it," she lies.
9/14 - He only feels alive during Thursday karaoke, so when that tramp usurps the mic with gyrating renditions of Madonna? Accidents happen.
9/15 - She smiled as he gave his boilerplate excuse for being late. She didn't care - it gave her more time to "get to know" their neighbor.
9/16 – Cy acts contrite as his mom warns him of the danger of drugs, but the fact that he swiped his weed from her room vitiates her lecture.
9/17 – The minuscule text at the bottom of the contract sealed her doom. The devil knew her secrets, including the fact she was farsighted.
9/18 – Her shame turns to rage when she sees the red majuscules painted on her car. He rapes her, then labels her a slut? He’ll wish he hadn’t.
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Play along and write tweet tales for the above words. If you’re willing to share, post them on twitter with the hashtag #15tt or add them below in the comments because I’d love to read them. Any thoughts about this week's tweet tales?