Tweet Tales Tuesday Week 27 + #writemotivation

15 Minute Tweet TalesAs far as my #writemotivation goals for this week: second verse, same as the first.  Summer colds really do suck.  Between the Nyquil comas and the wad of Kleenex constantly clutched in my hands, the rewriting progress this week has been pretty dismal.  But I feel almost normal now, so I’m ready to use the last two weeks of July to make up the ground I lost.

Now for the 15 Minute Tweet Tales for the week:

7/11 - No one was surprised when the town quidnunc was found in a shallow grave, but they worried about who now had her laptop with all their secrets.
7/12 - Too ashamed to admit to her best friend's face that she'd slept with her husband, she dropped hints to adumbrate he was a lying cheat.
7/13 - The spume on the brownie batter made her worry she'd added 2 much ex-lax, but the jerk stealing her lunch needed 2 be taught a lesson.
7/14 - Her husband cheats on her. Again. She cries on his brother's shoulder. Consolation unexpectedly turns into an Elysian night. Upgrade.
7/15 - The cat was livid when I gave him a bath. After 2 weeks of hair balls on my pillow, I washed him again to show I wasn't intimidated.
7/16 - She wore risible clothes not because she lacked fashion sense but because making people laugh helped fill the huge hole in her heart.
7/17 – Kim couldn’t believe people called those motley blotches of paint ART; but wanting to impress her date, she agreed it was brilliant.
Play along and write tweet tales for the above words.  If you’re willing to share, post them on twitter with the hashtag #15tt or add them below in the comments because I’d love to read them.  Any thoughts about this week's tweet tales?