Tweet Tales Tuesday Week 224

HUSH posterHave y’all seen Hush yet? I’d been hearing good things about it, and then I saw this tweet from Stephen King: “How good is HUSH? Up there with HALLOWEEN and--even more--WAIT UNTIL DARK. White knuckle time. On Netflix.” Whoa! That’s a major endorsement. 
Here’s the Netflix description: Deaf since her teens, Maddie Young has chosen a life of isolation in a remote woodland home. But when a masked stranger appears at her window one night, Maddie's peaceful existence turns into a terrifying cat-and-mouse game with a crazed killer.
I finally watched it last night. Awesome stuff, man! It’s a home invasion movie, and it gets pretty gruesome, so beware if that kind of stuff freaks you out, but I loved it. It was super tense, and although there was some ‘characters act stupid to move the plot forward’ stuff, it was pretty minimal. The script was tight, the acting was great, and you’ll never be able look at Jim from The Newsroom the same way again. Thanks for the rec, Mr. King!
After it was over, I looked Hush up on IMDB and discovered it was written and directed by Mike Flanagan, the same guy who made Oculus, another of my recent favorites. I’m definitely looking forward to watching more of this guy’s work!

15 Minute Tweet TalesAnd now it’s time for this week’s 15 Minute Tweet Tales word:

incalescent - growing hotter or more ardent
5/10 - As her fingers fly across the keyboard, she becomes more incalescent. She's fallen in love with her protagonist and so will her readers.
Play along and write a tweet tale for the above word. If you’re willing to share, post it on twitter with the hashtag #15tt or add it below in the comments because I’d love to read your tales. Any thoughts about this week's tweet tale or #15tt word?