One Legged Donkey

Bailey with the letter OFor the Blogging from A to Z Challenge, I’m having Fun with Fonts. Each day I’ll feature a few I like based on either the look of the font or its name. I’ll also pick a font to inspire one of my tweet tales

As I’ve been perusing the fonts, I’ve seen a lot that look like blood or some other nasty substance dripping down a wall. I guess there’s a big demand for bloody fonts because of Halloween and horror movie/novel franchises. As a horror kind of gal, I love them all, but what I really like about this one is the name. Instead of going with an on-the-nose name like Bloodthirsty, Zombie Slayer, or It’s Dripping, this one has the more intriguing moniker Oh No Not Again. Not what again? Are you being attacked by a creature you didn’t defeat the first time? Are you turning into a monster and slaughtering innocents? Or do you just have recurring nosebleeds? So many possibilities in this font and its name.
Oh No Not Again
In addition to loving horror, I also love the ocean. If I ever become a millionaire best selling novelist, I’m totally buying a house with an Ocean View.
Ocean View
Old Stamper looks exactly like what the name says. Now I want to use red ink and come up with all kinds of silly rejections to print across things. 
Old Stamper
I don’t know what it is about Occoluchi, but I just keep staring at it. It’s not particularly intricate or fancy, but I really like it. I googled Occoluchi to see if it had a special meaning, but the only hits that came up were for the font itself. So if you know what it means, please let me know in the comments.
I also had to google the font that’s inspiring today’s tweet tale: One Legged Donkey. It’s such an absurd phrase that I was worried it might actually mean something that would turn my blog from PG to R rated. Mr. Google informed that it is a leg exercise and also a series of jokes:
What do you call a donkey with one leg?
A wonkey donkey
What do you call a donkey with one leg and one eye?
A winkey wonkey donkey
What do you call a donkey with one leg and one eye while breaking wind?
A stinkey winkey wonkey donkey 
So it appears to be safe, and while the font isn’t very exciting, I do love the silly name.
One Legged Donkey
On the canyon trail, my donkey refuses to move. I cajole, yell, threaten to make him a 1-legged freak. I go on my own & the trail crumbles.
What do you think of these fonts? Do they inspire any stories in your mind? How Outstanding is Bailey with her letter O?