My Stories

When it comes to reading/watching stories, I’m all over the map.  I love all types of fiction (although I’m not really a fan of non-fiction), and this ADD mentality carries over to my writing as well.  I can’t even decide on one format for writing, since I like writing short stories, novels, and screenplays.  Often when I get an idea, the most difficult part is deciding which format is best suited for telling that particular story.

I also bounce around writing for various age ranges.  I’m drawn to writing for teens, so all my novels are YA.  However, my short stories and scripts have run the gamut of ages, from young kids on up to the more seasoned crowd.

And if I can’t settle on a format or age range, forget about writing within one genre!  Horror, thriller, and mystery have been my favorite genres to read since I was a kid, so a majority of my writing contains those elements.  Although I also enjoy romance, supernatural, and fantasy genres.  And participating in the NYC Midnight competitions, where the writers are assigned random genres, really got me excited about genres I probably never would have tried otherwise, like comedy, drama, and sci-fi.  Writing stories with different flavors really stretches the writing muscles and encourages creativity.

I know having my finger in so many pies makes it tough to market myself as an author/screenwriter, but I have so much fun with all the different styles and types of stories that I’ll continue to follow where inspiration leads while writing.  Although when it comes to establishing “my brand,” my true passion is YA thriller/mystery, so that’s where I’m focusing my publication efforts.  And if I’m lucky enough to have prospects for my stories in other areas, I’ll just have to come up with clever pen names!