Happy New Year + Tweet Tales Tuesday Week 51

Just like there was no 15 Minute Tweet Tales vacation for Christmas, I’m a mean boss making myself work on New Year’s Day, too. So here they are, my last tweet tales of 2012:

12/26 – The bouquiniste reminded Sue of her grandfather, so she hated arresting him, but that “original” Poe he sold was printed last year.
12/27 - She's so beautiful, men swarm to her; but her conversation is so vapid, they soon flit away, buzzing for something more interesting.
12/28 - Another handful to inspissate his pie filling. Present it to Mom for birthday. She screeches at mud all over son and house. He cries.
12/29 - Subway clacks. Texts beep. Commuters bleat into phones. He shuts his eyes and imagines himself in a peaceful eclogue he read in college.
12/30 – With the last name Wang, Tiny develops pachydermatous skin from taunting. But joke’s on them - that’s not his only elephant-like part.
12/31 – Eva’s gelid reaction when he suggests staying home on New Year’s Eve is yet another hazard of dating his daughter’s college roommate.
Now you might be looking at the post title and saying, “Wait a minute, Jocelyn, aren’t there 52 weeks in a year? Your title says Week 51.” You’re right, and I congratulate you on your keen observation skills. I switched posting days in April due to the A-Z challenge, which threw off the week count, but I did actually write a 15 Minute Tweet Tale for every day in 2012 - whoo hoo!
I’m beyond proud of myself for accomplishing that goal. When I set it, I hoped I’d be able to meet it, but knowing my track record with goals and resolutions, I didn’t have much faith in myself. So it’s super satisfying to have made it to the end – and since it was a leap year, I actually had to write 366 tales. Craziness! 
When I look back at last year’s resolutions, if it hadn’t been for #15tt, my writing year would have been a bust. But because of the tweet tales, I did write something every day; and I also blogged once a week, since I always posted them on Tuesday. With this win under my belt, I’ll have to do a better job of meeting my big goals in 2013.
While writing everyday has been really good for me, the best part of 15 Minute Tweet Tales has been meeting other writers on Twitter. The #15tt hashtag has picked up a small, but mighty following over the year, and I look forward to reading everyone's tales each day. We’ve got poets, philosophers, pun-y folks, and writers covering every genre, so there’s always a fun variety of stories. I hope we gain even more players this year, so stop by when you have some free time and tweet us some tales.
Now that the old word-of-the-day calendar is nothing but an empty plastic shell, *sniff* what is the plan for 2013? Never fear, I have a new source of words. I found a book tucked away on one of my shelves that a family member gave me years ago called Rare Words and Ways to Master Their Meanings: 500 Arcane but Useful Words for Language Lovers, which is a ridiculous title to match some of the ridiculous words within it. I took a small peek inside and, y’all, it’s going to be a crazy ride this year – lots of yummy words that will challenge our storytelling skills. I’ll just start with the first one and each day tweet the next one in line, no matter how weird. And now I present my first tweet tale of 2013:
1/1 - With a heavy heart, I climb into my nana’s attic to clean it out but find it packed with incunabula. Granny’s made me a millionaire!
Happy New Year!
I hope your new year is off to a wonderful start! May your 2013 be happy, healthy, prosperous, and the year you see at least one of your long-term dreams come true!
Did you play #15tt in 2012? Do you plan to play in 2013? Will you miss the old WOTD words or are you excited about the new Rare Words book?
If you’re willing to share your tweet tales, post them on twitter with the hashtag #15tt or add them below in the comments because I’d love to read them. Any thoughts about this week's tweet tales or #15tt words?