For those of you who regularly read my blog, you know I’ve been struggling to finish a major rewrite of my novel for almost two years. It’s been a tough road for a lot of reasons, but they mostly boil down to a serious procrastination problem coupled with a major fear of failure. But after yet another all-nighter, I am relieved and giddy to share that as of 11:03am this morning, my rewrite is done! Done-ditty done done DONE!
But as excited as I am to have finally pushed through that last wall, I’m also very nervous. While I know it’s not perfect, I’m hoping this was the last major rewrite (at least until I land an agent and publishing deal!). I’ve sent it off to my critique partners with equal parts hope and dread, my fingers crossed that the issues they find only need minor tweaking to fix and not a complete rebuild like I did for this last go round.  
While I wait for their feedback, I’m going to reward myself by attacking my TBR pile, especially books by YALLFest authors. I’ll probably also dive into Netflix to watch some odd indie movies. And of course there will be wine and chocolate.
I saw this on Facebook the other day and loved it:
Editing Face
Because, yeah. My face has spent some major time in that expression over the last few months. I’m just grateful the expression ‘your face will freeze that way’ isn’t actually based in fact because that’s not a great look on me.
Anyway, thank you to everyone who has given me encouragement and cheered me on, whether here, on Facebook, on Twitter, or even face-to-face. It kept me going even when it seemed like this rewrite was some Sisyphean task that would never be done. Now I’m off for a quick happy dance before collapsing into a nap. 
How do you celebrate finishing a major rewrite? How do you keep occupied while waiting for feedback?