Battle of the Brains

This hilarious companion to Battle of the Butts examines the way animals use their brainpower for survival in the wild and encourages readers to rank animals based on their intellectual prowess.

Birdbrained. Pigheaded. Batty. Bullheaded. When humans want to insult the intelligence of another person, they often compare them to an animal. But animals are smart. Really, really smart. There are animals that use tools. Others that can solve complex problems. Some have excellent memories. A few can even talk to us! With animals having such mighty minds, the question is: who has the best brainpower of them all? That’s for you to decide!

A Junior Library Guild Gold Standard Selection!

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Seeking Adorable Pet Prodigies!

BATTLE OF THE BRAINS releases on November 8th, and I’m celebrating with brainy animal posts to count down to the big day.

Since I know your pet is a genius, I need your help! Please share your super smart pet with me by filling out this form.

You can either share a video of your pet doing something brainy (like tricks they know, clever habits, or let’s be real, “just” being cute is evidence of being savvy in order to manipulate their humans, so send me the cuteness!) OR share an adorable picture of your astute animal along with an anecdote or explanation about their braininess.

Give me your clever canines, crafty cats, brilliant birds, resourceful rodents, remarkable reptiles, eggheaded equines, and any other adorable pet prodigies you have!

I’ll incorporate your video/photo into a graphic and post similar to the ones below and post with the hashtags #BattleOfTheBrains and #PetProdigy.

And follow my social media accounts for a parade of adorable pet prodigies!

Bear Instagram post
Freya Instagram Post

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