Stories are magic....
The novel that sucks you in so completely you forget to eat or sleep.  The short story that packs such a punch it opens your eyes to a new way of thinking.  The movie that temporarily transports you to a different time/place.  The weekly television show that creates characters so real they feel like friends.  The anecdote your friend tells you about her dog that makes you laugh until tears run down your face.

Words have power....
They paint a setting on a blank canvas.  They birth characters from empty wombs.  They compose dialog from silence.  They create action and emotion out of thin air.  No matter the medium, words weave together to create stories that enthrall audiences with their magic. 

Like most writers, I was spellbound by the magic of stories at a young age.  I’ve been mesmerized by the tales I read on the page and watched on the big and small screens my entire life.  I eventually realized I wanted to use the power of words to enchant audiences the same way.  I’ve spent years learning about the craft of writing, and I thoroughly enjoy the mystical act of creating short stories, screenplays, and young adult novels.  

So welcome to my website where you can learn more about me, my writing, and my babblings about words and stories in all their forms.  Thank you for stopping by!