Zombie Checklist

For the Blogging from A to Z Challenge, I’m having Fun with Fonts. Each day I’ll feature a few I like based on either the look of the font or its name. I’ll also pick a font to inspire one of my tweet tales

It’s here! It’s finally here! The last day of the A to Z challenge! Since I didn’t plan ahead (as usual!), I’ve been scrambling each day to write my posts, and now I’m ready to collapse into a heap and ignore my blog for at least a week.
For the past two years, Freya has displayed the letter Z, but my sister recently got a new dog, and I was finally able to get a picture of her this weekend with the letter whiteboard. So I’m honored to introduce my blog readers to the adorable Kali. She’s a bundle of energy, but a total sweetie who is getting along very well with all the other Rish canines. 
Kali with the letter Z
I’m disappointed to report that like with X and Y, it was pretty slim pickings on the font front for Z. I was hoping to go out with a bang and blow everyone away with an amazing font on the last day, but it looks like I’ll be crossing the finish line with more of a font-whimper.
The first one is Zacken, which I thought looked a bit like embroidery. I poked around the interwebs for a meaning for zacken. Google translate said it’s German for pink or serrate, and Bing translate said it’s German for jag. So I guess pink is like pinking shears rather than the color, which means the name zacken references the jagged edges of the letter blocks. 
Meanwhile, the letter blocks for Zallman are all about curved lines. I like the simple floral pattern – it makes it fancy without being overwhelmingly busy. The weird thing is, when you click on the link to see all the available letters, it says, “Sorry, no ‘X’” and the same for ‘Y’. I can maybe see skipping making an ‘X’ since it is used so rarely, but the letter ‘Y’ gets used relatively often. Seems like lazy font design to me.
Speaking of lazy font design, I had to include this one since it looks like someone just scrawled out some letters, scribbled some sloppy zigzags around it, and voilà – a new font called Zigzag Displays.
Zigzag Displays
Zebraesq is all in the name because it does indeed look zebraesque – not full zebra, just partially resembling a zebra. 
The tweet tale inspiration for today is Zombie Checklist. It’s another one that I picked for the name rather than the font itself, but it does look like letters dashed off with a marker during the chaos of a zombie apocalypse.
Zombie Checklist
Since crawling out of his grave, George has found it tough to remember things, so he consults his To Do list:
1. Brains
2. Brains
3. Brains
And with that, I am DONE with the A to Z challenge – whoo hoo! Thank you so much to those of you who have been stopping by to see the fun fonts. I’ve enjoyed getting to know all of you better over the past month! 
What do you think of these fonts? Do they inspire any stories in your mind? How Zany is Kali with her letter Z?