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My theme for the Blogging from A to Z Challenge is contronyms. A contronym is a word with two or more opposite meanings, making it its own antonym. Click here to find out more about these quirky words.
Freya with the letter ZWe made it! We've reached the end of the A to Z Challenge! Unfortunately, I'll be finishing up not with a bang but a whimper because I could not find any contronyms for the letter Z on any of the lists I've collected. Zero. Zilch. Instead, I decided take the same approach I did with the letter K and pick a contronym with the letter Z in it somewhere. So I searched all my lists again, and it turns out there is only one contronym that contains the letter Z. Making it a slightly less pathetic pick, it actually has two Zs: puzzle.
Puzzle - to perplex, confuse, mystify (to pose a problem)
~ or ~
Puzzle - to solve by careful study or effort (to solve a problem)
My first year I was completely puzzled about why people would participate in something as time-consuming and draining as the Blogging from A to Z Challenge, but after meeting so many wonderful fellow bloggers, I have puzzled out why people come back year after year.
A to Z Challenge Puzzle
I hope you've had fun with the A to Z challenge. I had a blast learning about all the crazy contronyms out there. Thank you to all the people who stopped by for a visit! I've enjoyed getting to know all of you through your blogs, and I hope you'll stay in touch going forward.
Are you familiar with contronyms? Can you think of a ‘Z’ contronym the lists might have missed? How Zonked is Freya with her letter Z (just like I feel!)?
Added after some bloghopping: I was over at the very funny Kern’s blog where she talked about how many people post about zombies for Z because they are awesome. I did post about a zombie movie last year, but it got me thinking . . . could I have used them again this year? Is a zombie the ultimate contronym? I mean, they are the living dead. It’s probably more of an oxymoron than a contronym, but I thought I’d throw it out there. 


Rebeccah Giltrow's picture

Thank you for your fascinating blog posts throughout April. I'd never heard of contronyms until I read your posts, so I learned something new! Yay! :D

Joanne Moss's picture

another good one thanks for the entertaining month Jocelyn

Natalie Aguirre's picture

A big congrats! You did go out with a bang. Loved your theme and congrats on finishing. We'll definitely stay in touch.

John Wiswell's picture

How far in advance did you know Z-day would give you trouble? I can't think of a single contronym for the letter.

Still, congratulations on lasting to Z-day and finishing the challenge! It's been a pleasure meeting you this month.

John at The Bathroom Monologues

Patricia Lynne's picture

No Z contronyms? Well, we'll have to make one up! Writers are allowed to create words, right? ;) Congrats on finishing the challenge. =)

Jocelyn Rish's picture

Rebeccah - You're welcome! I'm happy I was able to share something new with you, just like I learned something new at your blog.

Joanne - My pleasure! Thanks for stopping by!

Natalie - Thank you! I've appreciated your regular visits, especially since you aren't even participating in the challenge. :-)

John - I knew from the start that there were no contronyms for K or Z. But I didn't figure out what I was going to do and write my post until last night. It's been great getting to know you, too!

Patricia - We should make one up! And thanks!!

Linda - Working in Words's picture

Cool concept for the month-long challenge.
Congratulations on finishing the A-Z!

Mina B.'s picture

Puzzle is a good one. I learned a lot too. Contronyms are cool.

Kern Windwraith's picture

I think we can all accept "puzzle", not least because of its double z-ness, but I love the idea of zombie as a contranym. It may also be an oxymoron, but surely, surely it can work as a contronym. First there's the typical zombie definition, but we also call living people zombies when they're exhausted or have the personalities of automatons:

zombie - a reanimated corpse


zombie - an unanimated living being

See? You totally win at contronyms! I loved the whole contronym theme--made me think about certain words in new ways. i'm going to have to come back now and read the whole list. It's been lovely to meet you, Jocelyn, and I'm looking forward to staying in touch now that the challenge is over.

Elizabeth Twist's picture

Hey! Just wanted to say I've been following your adventures this month via email, but been swamped and unable to comment. Good job! I loved your contronyms, and gave you a shoutout in my latest post.

Jocelyn Rish's picture

Linda - Thanks! I've had fun with the contronyms.

Mina - They are cool! :-)

Kern - You made zombie work as a contronym - I love it! And it's been great meeting you, too!

Elizabeth - I had no idea anyone actually read the emails - you've made my day! And i really appreciate the shout out. 

Sharon's picture

I didn't know about Contronyms until this challenge. I have enjoyed following your posts.

The dog above looks very tired. Very appropriate :)

Lexa Cain's picture

Woohoo! Yay for finishing the A-Z Challenge! You did awesome, and I really enjoyed all the posts I read. :-)

Medeia Sharif's picture

Congrats on finishing. I enjoyed reading about contronyms.

Deniz's picture

What a great post to end with! I like the word puzzle a lot. And zombie as a contranym is hilarious! And scary... :-)

Deniz's picture

...and I spelled contronym wrong!

Jocelyn Rish's picture

Sharon - I'm glad I introduced you to something new. And, yes, the dog and I were both very tired by the end!

Lexa - Thank you!

Medeia - Thanks, and congrats to you, too!

Deniz - Don't worry, how many times did I end up typing contronym this month and I still got it wrong some of the time. It didn't help that all spell-checkers flagged it as wrong even when it was right. 

Michelle's picture

Congrats on finishing the challenge!
Phew! What a relief. But I had a blast!

Jocelyn Rish's picture

Thanks, Michelle! And congrats to you, too!

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