Year Supply Of Fairy Cakes

Bailey with the letter YFor the Blogging from A to Z Challenge, I’m having Fun with Fonts. Each day I’ll feature a few I like based on either the look of the font or its name. I’ll also pick a font to inspire one of my tweet tales

After there were a surprising number of X fonts, I wasn’t expecting to have trouble with Y, but there actually weren’t that many to choose from – a few more than X, but not many more. And most of them looked very similar to fonts I’d already featured, so it was tough to find unique ones to share. Although I’ve featured several with curlicues already, I really liked the curls and swirls in You Are Precious. I can see it being used in a story about fairies or princesses for young kids. 
You Are Precious
On the opposite end of the swirly spectrum is Y-Grid with its very precise framework. 
You Rook Marbelous made me giggle because of the name. And then the design really does look like marble. If you are too young to get the reference to the Billy Crystal character, here’s a clip to help:

You Rook Marbelous
I’m not really sure what the name You Are The One has to do with the letters being partially formed by up and down arrows, but it looked different from others I’d shared, so it made the list. 
You Are The One
Today’s tweet tale inspiration is Year Supply Of Fairy Cakes. I totally picked this one for the name because the font is extremely generic. When I picked it, I did think fairy cakes were some special baked goods used to lure fairies out of the forest, but a quick chat with my friend Mr. Google informed me fairy cakes are actually smaller versions of cupcakes very popular in the UK. That was kind of a letdown, but I used the disappointment to inspire my tale.
Year Supply of Fairy Cakes
After winning fairy cake contest,Suzy sat in woods with jar ready to catch new friends. Her mom didn’t have the heart to tell her the truth.
What do you think of these fonts? Do they inspire any stories in your mind? How Yippy is Bailey with her letter Y?