Why Babblings of a Boob Tube Junkie?

When I first dipped my toes into the scary waters of interacting with people on the internet, it was in forums that talked about television shows.  I needed a screen name that properly displayed my intense devotion to watching TV, so BoobTubeJunkie was born.  I liked the way it sounded, and it certainly described me.  Seriously, no sane person should watch as much television as I do.  Hmmm, I guess that gives you a sneak peek into the state of my mental stability. 

Anyway, I began frequenting other forums, and I used the same screen name since it seemed to fit me so well.  I’ve now made a lot of great friends in cyberspace using that name, so I wanted to carry a part of it with me as I embarked on this new blogging adventure.  And since I will be talking about all kinds of things, I think that definitely qualifies as babbling.  Besides, I love me some alliteration.  So there you have it: Babblings of a Boob Tube Junkie.