Very Vital

My theme for the Blogging from A to Z Challenge is contronyms. A contronym is a word with two or more opposite meanings, making it its own antonym. Click here to find out more about these quirky words.
Lily with the letter VThe letter V was much more accommodating than the letter U. There were four solid contronyms to choose from, and weirdly two of them (vegetative and vital) had one definition about being full of life and then another definition from the sad end of the spectrum. For the featured contronym, I’ve decided to go with vital.
Vital - Full of life; animated
~ or ~
Vital - Destructive to life; fatal
Since April is National Poetry Month, I figured that even though I lack poetry writing prowess, I should make at least one of my examples a poem.
A vital young woman
Her energy overflows
A string of lovesick men
Follow wherever she goes
Happy woman
But from the other women
A jealousy arose
They do their best to shame her
Their words are vital blows
Sad woman
Are you familiar with contronyms? Can you think of any other ‘V’ contronyms? How Vivacious is Lily with her letter V?
Vivacious woman image courtesy of juliaf 
Depressed woman image courtesy of glendali