Tweet Tales Tuesday Week 96 + NaNo Fail

I hate to say it, but I’m throwing in the NaNoWiMo towel this year. Not that there’s really much of a towel to throw in, since I only have a little over 5000 words at this point. With my constant dithering between ideas, it was pretty clear from the start I wasn’t feeling focused this time around. 
During our awesome writing retreat, I actually started writing three different novels … well, I guess more like novel openings. On the first day of the retreat, I FINALLY decided on an idea and felt pretty good about it, but after writing a bit, I knew my heart wasn’t in it. So the next day, I started on a second idea that had been knocking around in my brain. I got a few pages into that before I realized my protagonist/voice sounded exactly like the character in my current WIP. So since another of my NaNo ideas had been a second novel starring my WIP character, I decided to start over combining the two ideas. During the rest of the retreat, I stuck with that combo idea; however, it felt like it was meandering along without much structure, although I was happy to be getting words on paper.
Once I got back from the retreat, I let other things pull me away from getting back to it. Some important, some not. Today I actually cleaned my desk. As in it has a glass top and I pulled out the Windex and gave it a thorough scrubbing type of cleaned. Both the top AND the underside of the glass. Yeah, definitely not feeling it this time around.
Now I know I struggle with procrastination, but this feels different than my usual putting-off-work-edness. I just really do not have any passion for this idea, so there’s no reason to push it. No reason to spend the next two weeks spewing out crap when it’s not the type of crap that makes me excited to rework it. Especially since I can be using that time to research agents and do other things to be ready to query in January. So even though it pains me to give up, I know it’s for the best.
15 Minute Tweet TalesAnd now with that depressing admission out of the way, here are some 15 Minute Tweet Tales to entertain you:
11/13 - He likes giving nicknames, so he calls his friends: Nose, Ears, and Tiny. They don't like the metonymy and privately call him Asshole.
11/14 - She took pleasure in bruiting that Pam was divorcing Tim because he cheated, never realizing her husband was the one Tim cheated with.
11/15 - The mulierose engineer had terrible luck with women, so he built a perfect female robot companion. She fell in love with the toaster.
11/16 - "Do it now." Her uncertain tone undermined the jussive words and he hesitated with the gun. Their newly turned son tore out their throats.
11/17 - The JumboTron footage of Jan saying "No" to a crying Bob went viral. Turns out it was a stunt to get réclame for a new dating website.
11/18 - Each week his family watches horrified as he acts like a grobian, but reality TV doesn't reward nice guys & he needs the money for his son.
11/19 - Despite her saturnine students, she pursues her "O Captain! My Captain!" moment. Turns out she's just the captain of a sinking ship.
Play along and write tweet tales for the above words. If you’re willing to share, post them on twitter with the hashtag #15tt or add them below in the comments because I’d love to read them. Any thoughts about this week's tweet tales or #15tt words?