Tweet Tales Tuesday Week 33

15 Minute Tweet TalesSomehow another week has managed to fly by…. I’ve even noticed that the light outside is starting to get that ‘look’ it gets when fall arrives – although we’re still a long way from having fall-like temperatures here in South Carolina.  But enough about the weather, here are my 15 Minute Tweet Tales for the week:  

8/22 - She dons glasses, hoping they'll transmogrify her into an asexual beast; but the boys' hands still grope, making her feel truly ugly.
8/23 - "The bucket shop guaranteed I'd double my money so I could buy my son's medicine," Jim cried as he pointed the gun at the pharmacist.
8/24 – He cheated untold innocents to acquire his misbegotten wealth. Now he gives to charity to ease his soul with a lie about his humanity.
8/25 – She got ready higgledy-piggledy, smearing on lipstick while searching for shoes. After 113 tries via eHarmony, 114 had to be the one.
8/26 – Salt & Pepper created a duopoly in the kitchen by locking up the cabinet. Rosemary feared they’d run out of thyme to spice things up.
8/27 – Bob felt completely sandbagged on their wedding night. Padded bra, corset, wig, an inch of makeup… who was this woman he’d married?
8/28 – The sun kisses the wahine’s skin with a burning passion Jon longs to emulate, but she walks away, hips swaying to the ocean’s song.
I have to say, we’ve had some really fun word-a-day words so far this year, but I think higgledy-piggledy might just be my favorite.  It’s so much fun to say and seems completely made up, yet it’s so perfect for its definition.
Play along and write tweet tales for the above words.  If you’re willing to share, post them on twitter with the hashtag #15tt or add them below in the comments because I’d love to read them.  Any thoughts about this week's tweet tales?