Tweet Tales Tuesday Week 218

15 Minute Tweet TalesIt’s so gorgeous around here with the azaleas, dogwood, and wisteria all abloom. Although that also means there is a layer of yellow over everything. I got in my car to go to a meeting this afternoon and practically needed an ice scraper to clear off my windshield. But it’s worth it to see the beautiful pops of color everywhere. Hope your spring is off to a fantastic start! 
And now here’s this week’s 15 Minute Tweet Tales word:
mudita - sympathetic or vicarious joy; joy at the happiness of others (Sanskrit).
3/29 - When she has one of her days, she looks up videos of kids getting their first puppies, and the mudita helps her make it to the next day.
Play along and write a tweet tale for the above word. If you’re willing to share, post it on twitter with the hashtag #15tt or add it below in the comments because I’d love to read your tales. Any thoughts about this week's tweet tale or #15tt word?