Tweet Tales Tuesday Week 204

15 Minute Tweet TalesChristmas is only a few days away, but it sure doesn’t feel like it, even factoring in the usual warmth of SC. We did have two days this past week where it dipped down into actual winter-type weather, but the thermostat shot back up again. There’s no chance at all for a white Christmas this year, since we’re supposed to have high temps of 80 on both Christmas Eve and Christmas. That’s just crazy! Anyway, I hope y’all have a wonderful holiday week, no matter which of the winter solstice holidays you celebrate!
And now for my 15 Minute Tweet Tales:
12/16 - He decided to finally get in shape, but instead of joining gym, he began hiking the Appalachian Trail. It quickly became a via dolorosa.
12/17 - My family sits me down to say I'm a bad writer and need a real job. Feels like an auto-da-fé. When I win Newbery, I put them in first row.
12/18 - I always take my neighbor's tales about his days as a secret agent cum grano salis ... until the day men in black suits whisk him away.
12/19 - Auditioning for years, she finally got a part in the play. Small but hers. When the dramatis personae was printed, it left off her name.
12/20 - My sister-in-law mentions en passant she saw her brother chatting with his ex. I know she's trying to provoke me and pretend not to hear.
12/21 - Bought the paper online and, mutatis mutandis, submitted it. Since the origin wasn't mentioned, I didn't know it was TA's old essay. Oops!
12/22 - He insists on dividing food pro rata to body weight. The others want it equal. When he refuses, his muscular body solves food shortage
Play along and write tweet tales for the above words. If you’re willing to share, post them on twitter with the hashtag #15tt or add them below in the comments because I’d love to read them. Any thoughts about this week's tweet tales or #15tt words?