Tweet Tales Tuesday Week 19 + #writemotivation

#writemotivationI didn’t post anything about my #writemotivation progress yesterday because there’s not much to report.  A big part of the reason is my iPad arrived in the mail last week.  I’ve never had a tablet before, so when I took that sucker out of the box, it practically made that celestial/angelic choir noise.  How the heck was I supposed work on my rewrite when I had such a shiny, new toy to play with?  But I think the novelty had just about worn off now, so I’m hoping to make some serious progress these last two weeks of May.

And now here are the 15 Minute Tweet Tales for the past week: 

5/16 – Tina decided to indagate which jerk was letting their dog poop on her lawn. It was a crappy way to get to know her new neighbors.
5/17 – The hidebound principal refused to listen to the students, so they dressed in drag to protest the firing of their transgender teacher.
5/18 – She mollycoddled her dog so much his feel hardly ever touched the floor; thus he got so fat his feet actually can’t touch the floor.
5/19 – Desiring his wealthy lifestyle, Tom attached himself like a remora to Dickie, forgetting the fish never drain their host to death.
5/20 – When his wife invited the new neighbor in for coffee, he realized he was whipsawed: he’d never told his boyfriend he was married.
5/21 – He insulted her. She flounced across the room to slap him. He caught her arm and kissed her. Kim turned off the rom-com in disgust.

15 Minute Tweet Tales

5/22 – After 10 yrs of marriage, he worried about his pick-up skills falling into desuetude. In truth, he’d never had any, just a fat wallet.
Two words I really loved this week:
1. Mollycoddled because it is so fun to say, and also because my sister’s dog is named Molly, and she is definitely the most coddled of all the Rish family dogs. 2. Flounce because it is such a Southern Belle word, and as a Southern gal, of course I was taught the proper way to flounce out of a room at a young age. 
Play along and write tweet tales for the above words.  If you’re willing to share, post them on twitter with the hashtag #15tt or add them below in the comments because I’d love to read them.  Any thoughts about this week's tweet tales?  How did you progress with your #writemotivation goals?


michelle's picture

15 minute tweet tales is new to me... but it looks like lots of fun and something I'd enjoy! Probably lots of mental-muscle-stimulation involved! I love my quick fiction and this is super-quick! I must check it out...

Jocelyn Rish's picture

With all your flash fiction practice during the A-Z challenge, you'd be great at these!

Valerie Lawson's picture

very entertaining. i'll have to try these later.

Jocelyn Rish's picture

Definitely play along - the more the merrier!

Medeia Sharif's picture

I had to look a few of these up.

I also like the word mollycoddled. It's such a cute word.

Jocelyn Rish's picture

Yeah, some of those word-a-day words get pretty crazy!

nutschell's picture

wow, those tweet tales are amazing!

Jocelyn Rish's picture

Thank you!  You should play along when you have some time. 

Barbara's picture

It's the first time I came across 15tt, it sounds like so much fun! :)
I liked reading your quick tales :)

Roadtrip: On my way from A all the way to Z!
English Speaking Zone

Jocelyn Rish's picture

Thanks, Barbara!  It is a lot of fun - play along when you get a chance!

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You have a fabulous blog! I’m an author and illustrator and I made some awards to give fellow bloggers whose sites I enjoy. I want to award you with one of my homemade awards: Powerful Woman Writer Award. There are no pass along requirements. This is just to reward you for all the hard work you do!

Go to and pick up your award.

Jocelyn Rish's picture

Thanks so much, Deirdra! The award is really pretty, and I very much appreciate it!

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