Tweet Tales Tuesday Week 149

So if you’ve ever read my little bio over there on the right, you know I’m one of ‘those people’ who celebrates the family dogs’ birthdays. And yesterday was a big day for Freya and Chloe – they turned 10! Since they are rescues, we don’t know their actual birthdays; December 1st was just the arbitrary date picked based on the vet’s best estimate of their ages when they were pups. 
It’s hard to believe they’re already 10. Because they’re both already white, their faces haven’t shown the years creeping up on them like it did with the Golden Retrievers we had growing up. Although Chloe’s brown eye spot has become more of a brown semi-circle in recent years. But they have been showing signs of slowing down, and it makes me sad. But never mind that, I must focus on the good days. Like birthdays!
I made them ‘cakes’ with a treat ‘candle’, but I didn’t put party hats on them this year, since the last time I tried, I got stabbed in the face. They were so excited about their cakes that they would not sit still for a picture. So these aren’t great, but I’m sharing anyway.
Chloe's 10th birthdayFreya's 10th birthday
Freya and Chloe 10th birthday
And the whole dog birthday silliness is not just a Jocelyn thing, it’s a Rish thing. My sister’s oldest dog Molly had her birthday yesterday, too. She’s 14!! But she’s doing awesome for her age. My sister kind of puts me to shame though, since she had actual pupcakes for Molly to share with Kali. Here are some fun pics from their celebration.
Molly's birthday with KaliMolly's 14th birthday
And now that you know my family is thoroughly dog crazy, I’ll share my 15 Minute Tweet Tales for the week:
11/26 - Most people dread our monthly status sederunts, but it's the only time I see him. Sometimes I invent issues to make them last longer.
11/27 - She hopes gourmet food will have benefic impact on family's Turkey Day fighting. Spends days cooking. Food ends up on floor & walls anyway.
11/28 - He sends exhortation tweets about fighting the man, but his classmates like the Principal's new rule requiring students to wear deodorant.
15 Minute Tweet Tales11/29 - Looks at all the hair removing paraphernalia in bathroom. Laments all the time & pain spent scraping, pulling, yanking hairs from her body.
11/30 - Due to cathexis on mole on his leg, he spends hours examining it but too scared to go to doctor. It's not cancer but steals his life anyway.
12/1 - His nap was longer than planned, so he awoke feeling logy. It took him a minute to notice the knife he clutched. With blood on the blade.
12/2 - She hoped campestral picnic would end in their first intimate moment. Helping extract ticks from warm, dark places? Not what she'd planned. #15tt
Play along and write tweet tales for the above words. If you’re willing to share, post them on twitter with the hashtag #15tt or add them below in the comments because I’d love to read them. Any thoughts about this week's tweet tales or #15tt words?