Sticking with Netflix

I got my price hike email yesterday from Netflix, and like most people venting on the interwebs, I was outraged.  While an increase in prices over the years is expected, this was a huge jump, and the tone of the email was a tad condescending.  Honestly, I think the whole thing would have gone over better if the email had used more conciliatory wording (a reminder that words have power!). 

But now that I’ve had a chance to cool down and think about it, I won’t be one of the people jumping ship when the prices go up.  Even with a 60% increase, I’m still getting a lot of bang for my buck. 

When the streaming option first came out, it was a bonus I never used.  None of the “big” movies were on there, so what did I care?  Then one night I was bored and between DVD deliveries, so I wandered into the streaming catalogue and found something that caught my eye.  It was a small independent film I’d never heard of, and it was fantastic!  But since I knew nothing about it, I never would have “wasted” a DVD rental on it, which makes me sad to think about.  I’m now hooked on streaming and watch more movies that way than I do DVDs.  Sure there are plenty of stinkers out there, but I’m discovering all kinds of treasures I never would have seen otherwise. 

I need both features of my Netflix account.  The DVD deliveries keep me up-to-date on the Hollywood blockbusters, so I can participate in pop culture conversations.  And the streaming side helps me find those hidden gems that inspire me as a writer and a filmmaker.  To me, that’s definitely worth an extra six bucks a month.  Just don't push your luck again anytime soon, Netflix!

What did you think about the Netflix price increase?  Are you going to keep your plan or look for an alternative?  Or should we all quit watching movies and go read a book?