A Poopy Problem

Freya with the letter PFor the most part, it seems my Willy-nilly Wednesdays have turned into an excuse to talk about the Rish family dogs.  So why change that today?  I bet you’re now thinking that P stands for pooch.  Well, you’d have the first three letters right.  Because today I have to confess a secret.  A dark secret that brings me shame.  You see, my sweet Freya, my beloved four-legged child… is a poo eater.  That’s right, she eats poop.  Doodoo.  Kaka.  Whatever you want to call it, she loves the stuff.  

It’s especially distressing because in the long line of smart dogs my family has owned, she’s definitely the smartest (yes, I know all parents/dog owners think this). Besides all the standard commands, she does a bunch of fun tricks like ‘take a bow’ and ‘say your prayers’ although the truly impressive part is how fast she learns them.  She also does things like breaking into locked food cupboards even though she lacks opposable thumbs.  So why, oh why, can’t I stop this spectacularly disgusting habit?  

It started when she was ‘a teen’, and I immediately ran to my best friend Google to find out why my precious baby would do something so nasty and how to stop it.  I discovered the official term is coprophagia (OMG, there’s an actual word for it *gags a little*) and that there are a variety of reasons for it both medical and behavioral.  I took her to the vet, and he ruled out any medical issues and offered a few behavioral things to try.  None of them worked.  So now I have to live with the fact that my dog thinks doodie is a delicacy.  We actually call them her chocolate cigars because she carries them around for a while with the ends sticking out of her mouth before she chows down.

Freya's patented poop faceBecause she is so smart and because I start screaming like a banshee every time I see her pick up a log, she knows she’s not supposed to do it.  So now she’s like a junkie after her fix.  She skulks around the yard, looking for a pile that didn’t get picked up; and when she finds one, she glances around to make sure no one’s watching, snags the treasured turd, and races away with an expression we call her patented poop face. My sister snapped this picture of the expression mid-snack.  It would be kind of adorable if you didn’t know she was dining on dookie.  

But like any mom, I love my baby no matter what . . . I just don’t let her kiss my face after she’s been outside.  

Have any of your dogs ever enjoyed partaking in chocolate cigars?  Did any methods work for you in breaking the foul habit?  How Playful (or Poopy-faced) does Freya look with her letter P?


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My dog doesn't do this, but she did go through a phase where she loved the new snack box filled with cat litter. Thank goodness she randomly stopped that.
The pictures of your pup are adorable, especially the poop face. Thanks for sharing.

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Jeri's picture

What I always wonder about is how poop must smell to a dog. After all, their sense of smell is so much better than ours. For all we know, fecal matter might smell like prime rib or to them! Yuck, I know.

Rebecca Enzor's picture

We call them "crispies" at our house, and Boudin is a crispy connoisseur. Little rabbit crispies are his favorite, but he won't turn down a kitty crispy, especially covered in wheat-based cat litter. I totally feel your pain!

Carol's picture

I'm sorry, but that is digusting. Our dog doesn't do that, but he's also not very smart. Oh well.

Joyce's picture

Oh, that is gross. Seems like I remember my son's dog doing that. I think he fed her more and it stopped.


Sheenah Freitas's picture

We had a dog that did that. She wouldn't eat them in the summer, but as soon as winter came and they hardened up... It was like an all you can eat buffet. Such a gross habit.

Out of the dogs that we have now... I've noticed that our youngest boxer likes to steal some rabbit droppings along with random bits of Timothy hay that land on the floor. I'm not sure how to stop him. He knows it's wrong, but he does it anyway. *sigh*

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OMG! Doggy dearest has a poo-poo palate LOL!

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Hope I didn't gross y'all out too much.  It's good to know Freya is not alone in her love of doodie. :-)

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