Just Another Manic Monday

This Monday is actually more manic than usual, since there's a lot to report in this post, so pull up a Barcalounger and get comfy.

First of all, I’m honored to be interviewed today over at Nerdy Chicks Rule. I met head nerdy chick Kami Kinard a few years ago at a SCBWI writers conference, and I love that she’s celebrating the characteristics that made us nerdy gals feel different and awkward while growing up. The Nerdy Chicks are giving away a DVD copy of my short film Saying Goodbye, so click here for a chance to win.

Second, we’ve finally got the post up about the Rish sibling adventures at the DC Shorts Film Festival last weekend, so pop over to our High Heels & Hoodoo website for the scoop, including pictures of us with our bright pink high heel.  



And since it’s Monday, that means it’s time for a #writemotivation update. I did manage two posts for the week *yay*, I made solid progress reviewing my critique partner’s novel *whoo hoo*, but as for my own WIP . . . *hangs head in shame*. At least I still have two more weeks to make some significant headway before September comes to an all-to-quick end.  


Genre Favorites BlogfestFinally, I signed up for Alex Cavanaugh’s Genre Favorites Blogfest where we’re supposed to list of our favorite genre of Movie, Music, Books, and a guilty pleasure genre from any of the three categories, so here we go:

Favorite movie genre – Horror  This is the easiest of the bunch. I’ve loved horror movies since I was too young to be watching horror movies. It's a total rush to feel scared - adrenaline flowing, heart pumping, stomach churning - while sitting perfectly safe and sound on the couch. I especially love the horror flicks that skillfully create tension and suspense, while also providing a few laughs. Luckily my brother has been my partner in horror – we’ve watched a (probably alarming) number of really terrible horror movies to find the hidden gems. We’re now working on several feature-length scripts so we can make our own horror movie. High Heels & Hoodoo was our attempt to explore filming at night and creating a spooky atmosphere in short form.

Favorite music genre – Varies  I listen to and enjoy so many different genres of music: pop, rock, soul, country, 80s, 50s, classical, showtunes, etc. It really just depends on my mood and what I'm doing. Right now I’m listening to my Pandora station of angsty British chicks – Adele, Florence + The Machine, Duffy, etc.

Favorite book genre – YA Thriller  I know YA is sometimes considered to be a genre of its own, but I think it’s more like a category that then has all the same genres as “big people books.”  So I’m a fan of thrillers in general, but especially YA thrillers. Emotions are already so heightened in teens and putting them in dangerous situations sends the vicarious thrills through the roof.

Guilty pleasure genre – Urban Fantasy books  Vampires, werewolves, fairies, and other supernatural creatures wielding magic in a world that appears to be like ours? Awesome! And even better if there are sexy times. Lots and lots of sexy times.

Whew, I think that’s enough random information from me for one day. If you’ve made it this far, thank you for sticking with me. And extra special thanks to Alex for the fun blogfest!

How are you doing with your #writemotivation goals? Are you participating in Alex’s Genre Favorites Blogfest?  If yes, I’ll be visiting your blog soon to see your picks; and if not, feel free to share your favorite genres in the comments.

#writemotivation photo credit to Hugh Lee and licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.


Adriana Ryan's picture

Hey, I've got some FATM going on Spotify as I edit. :) Love them. I also love the pictures! :) Congraaaats again!! And YES, we must get together for coffee one day soon (when I'm procrastinating, which, let's face it, is all the time :D).

Jocelyn Rish's picture

Thanks!!  The good thing is that even though you procrastinate, you actually seem to make progress.  Not so much with me. :-(

Maryann Miller's picture

I enjoy YA thrillers, too, as well as a lot of other YA books. So many of them are as good as thrillers written for the adult market. Thanks for stopping by my blog for the blogfest.

Maryann Miller's picture

I just watched your film. WOW! What a wonderful story and the film was so well done. I shared it all over the place. (smile)

Jocelyn Rish's picture

Thank you so much, Maryann!  I'm so happy to hear you liked it, and I really appreciate you sharing it!!

Anjali's picture

WOW! What great stuff you have going on! Congrats on the interview. Going to go over to read about the filmfest now!

Jocelyn Rish's picture

Thanks, Anjali! You can take credit for getting the guest post/interview ball rolling for me (and Saying Goodbye). :-)

Alex J. Cavanaugh's picture

You like horror films! That is too cool. I'm surprised how many women have selected horror today. Where were all of you when I was in high school? All the girls then thought horror was awful.
Thanks for participating in my blogfest!

J.L. Campbell 's picture

You do have varied taste in music.
I can usually manage the spoofs in the horror movie genre, but the serious stuff is not my cup of tea.

Sherry Ellis's picture

Lots of people have selected horror films as either their favorite, or as their guilty pleasure. I have to admit, those things scare me!

Morgan Shamy's picture

Ohhhhh... I LOVE your guilty pleasure! Such a favorite for ME TOO!!!!

Linda's picture

My brother and I used to be partners in horror-movie watching, but I gave it up. I was getting too old to handle the adrenaline rush. :)

Gwen Gardner's picture

Horror? Yikes - I think you're the first I've seen with Horror as their favorite. I'd be too busy hearing bumps in the night after watching. Loved your list, thanks for sharing.

Cynthia's picture

I too love Adele, and I remember reading so many YA thrillers while I was growing up.

Lexa Cain's picture

Woohoo - another Horror lover! There aren't enough of us. It was so much fun to read about your favorite things. Great blog hop! :-)

MAJK's picture

Just Another Manic Monday - My favorite Bangles Song :) Wow, I am old. Alex’s Genre Favorites Blogfest sounds like fun - you sure did a good job with it.

Keep up the great work


Isis Rushdan's picture

I started watching horror at an early age also, lol. Love your music choices :).

Sylvia van Bruggen's picture

We have the same guilty pleasure. I so love urban fantasy. I want to write a heroine like that one day :D

Love some of your music choices, Florence and the Machine are so fantastic!

Jackie F.'s picture

I'm a scary movie fan, too! And I love YA, especially with romance!

Trisha's picture

I think your guilty pleasure is a lot of people's #1 favourite genre ;) So I wouldn't feel too shamed by it. hehe

Nice answers :)

tara tyler's picture

horror scares me but i like ya thriller. tho that can scare me too...ha! enjoyed your choices! you have a busy monday!

Arlee Bird's picture

I've been a fan of horror since I was a young kid. And music is a tough one for me to pinpoint as well.


Lynda R. Young's picture

wow, so many people have said they like horror! It's great!
And I confess too, I like YA urban fantasy too ;)

michelle's picture

Horror??? Eeeeek!! *running for cover* LOL!

Jocelyn Rish's picture

Thanks, everyone for stopping by!  I'm glad to see I'm not alone in my love of horror.  

Tamara's picture

Love your choices. I'm a huge YA fan too. I actually found your blog through Lexa's as I was wandering around the web. Then I noticed your in the same blogfest as me (I visited a ton of the blogs but wow that list was long!) so I thought I'd stop by and say hi. So hi! Cool site btw, it's neat how you have it set up. I'm a new follower. :) I like that you write a lot of short stories. I just finished my book--getting ready to query, and I want to focus more on short stories. I entered the ghostly blog hop and gave flash fiction my first try. Very cool and mind-bending. (Not my story, which I hope is cool and mind-bending, but might just be so much skimble-skamble--haha, saw that word in your tweets contest and fell in love with it) but flash fiction itself. Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself. Nice to meet you!

Jocelyn Rish's picture

I'm glad you stumbled over me.  :-)  I really love writing flash - it's actually my favorite.  If I could make a living at it, I'd be one happy camper!

Medeia Sharif's picture

It's great seeing another horror fan.

I read urban fantasy from time to time.

Have a wonderful weekend.

James Garcia Jr's picture

Hi, Jocelyn. As a horror writer of vampires, I had to stop by and say hello. Horror fans unite! :) Thanks for sharing your list.


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