It’s #writemotivation Time Again!

#writemotivationBetween the Blogging from A to Z challenge and temporarily moving my 15 Minute Tweet Tales roundup posts to Sunday, I just finished writing a blog post every day in April.  For a procrastinating, occasional blogger like me, that’s HUGE.  But now I kind of desperately want a blogging vacation.  In fact, I was planning to stay away for at least a week.  But today is the first day of the latest #writemotivation goal-check month, so I really needed to post my goals.  It’s actually pretty simple this time because there is only one that matters:


And when I say finish, I actually mean finally start the rewrite.

January was the first #writemotivation month, and it was so helpful for me to finally be accountable for my writing goals.  In fact, because of all the encouragement I got from the group, I have kept up with some of my smaller goals like writing a tweet tale every day and posting on my blog once a week.  However, I let some of the biggies get away from me.

I didn’t sign up for March #writemotivation month because I knew I had too much going on with movie stuff to be able to write, but I’m so glad May is a goal-check month because it’s time to get serious about this rewrite.  Yeah, I’m pretty sure I said that last time too, but this time I really mean it (you can tell because I bolded, italicized, and underlined it).  If you happened to visit my blog last Wednesday, you know a fire has been newly lit under my butt, and it’s time to stop dawdling.

I know I really should break this one goal into smaller weekly goals so it’s easier to gauge my progress and keep myself accountable.  But since I need to add scenes and do some character brainstorming in addition to line-by-line polishing, I’m having trouble figuring out the best plan of attack.  But I’m working on it.

I also realize if I want to do this rewrite right, it's lilkely I won't actually finish in a month.  However, I won’t feel bad about that as long as I am making serious progress.  But if I spend the first three weeks talking about rewriting and then start rewriting in a mad rush the last week, I will be very disappointed in myself.  

So I’m looking forward to some #writemotivation cookies when I need some encouragement and some whip cracking when I’m being stupid.  And I’m excited to cheer on everyone else.  Here’s to a great month of meeting our writing goals!

Are you participating in #writemotivation?  Any specific goals (writing or otherwise) for the month?  How do you keep yourself writing when there are so many fun distractions?

Photo credit to Hugh Lee and licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.


Jamie Dement (LadyJai)'s picture

Awesome! The A to Z challenge is just that....a challenge. And one I chose NOT to do ;) Glad you managed to pull it off!

Also glad to see you back on board with #Writemotivation. Anytime you need a zombie T-rex thrown your way, I'm happy to oblige!

Valerie's picture

Great goal. Good luck with it and welcome to this month's #writemotivation!

Marcy's picture

Go Jocelyn!

Leah Rhyne's picture

You know I'm pulling for you, girl! If there's anything I can do to help, let me know! Writer lunch? Sure! Bounce ideas? Absolutely. Just tell me!

Anjali's picture

I'm definitely going to check out this writemotivation thing. Sounds like the perfect fuel to keep writing!

K.T. Hanna's picture

You got this hon <3 It's great to have you back, although you never completely left ;).

Fan that fire - let's make May a fantastic month!

Hart Johnson's picture

Oh, well done for blogging every day in April! And I wish you the best of luck getting your rewrite done this month! If you need some extra motivation, my writer's group is hosting a WriMo in June (somehow I need some FUN dangled out there to motivate me to finish edits)

Rebekah Loper's picture

I'm with you on revisions >_<. I've been trying to read through this one first draft for MONTHS, but I've got to get started on revisions now too. *sigh*

Good luck to us both!

Lee's picture

Go for it - I know you'll do it, look at how impressive April was. I still can't believe you posted 26 in a row. And interesting posts!
Look forward to hearing about the WIP when the rewrite is done!

Medeia Sharif's picture

Good luck with your goals. I hope it's a great month for you. I also hope I make great progress with my two wips.

michelle's picture

Go for it Jocelyn!!
Check out my A to Z Reflections post. I've given you a shout out... actually 2X... linking it to this comment...

stephanieberget's picture

Great goal, Jocelyn. I just finished a rewrite and am now working on a second book. My goal is to edit at least 10 pages, 5 times a week and exercise.

Jocelyn Rish's picture

Thanks so much to everyone for your supporive words!  It really does help keep me motivated!

Jessica's picture

Good luck with your writing goal! I'll be a cheerleader here. "You can do it!"
My writing goal is to finish a first draft of one book and edit another, plus keep up with my blogging.

Tia Bach's picture

Wishing you a wonderful May Motivation (writemotivation!) Month. Wait, I'm still affected by a month of posting A to Z (Motivation Month would make a great M!).

I need to get around to my #writemotivation friends, and make new ones. It's such a great way to focus on what we know we need to do. Life gives us plenty of distractions, writer friends reel us back!

Cheyenne Hill's picture

This is a bit belated, but best of luck for your goal in May! I like that you kept your goal straightforward & focused - I think I might try that next time ;)

I do think with goals, it's just the importance of keeping the fire burning and the wheels in motion, regardless of how much of the goal is reached in the time period. Go go go! :)

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