Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, y’all! It’s been a bit tough to get into the Halloween spirit today – not only is it 78 degrees outside, but I’m still dumbfounded that October has already come and gone. Plus, I already celebrated it at a fun party last week. 
Our friends at Genesis Studios (they helped us make Saying Goodbye) always throw awesome Halloween parties. And this year the shindig was extra special because it was also the premiere of their new project called The Trunk. Cliff Springs (who directed SG) is a huge advocate for building the film industry in SC – he even built a fabulously fun film studio in Columbia – and The Trunk is a series of webisodes he and his team are creating to show off what they can do.
They screened the first episode at the party, and it was so exciting to see their vision come to life. The series will be similar to The Twilight Zone, in that it will feature different stories every episode; however, the common thread will be a mysterious trunk where you can hide your deepest, darkest secrets . . . just don’t ever open it again. 
You can find out more about the project at the website. Cliff recommends that you read The Lore page and the About page before watching the episode. Enjoy!
Genesis parties require creative costumes, but this year I was really struggling. I wandered around Party City, becoming more and more depressed because I didn’t want to dress up as a slutty anything. Then I saw some peacock feathers that mesmerized me with their pretty colors. I decided I’d just stick them in my hair and call myself a peacock – boring, but simple. But then it hit me – don’t be a peacock, be Mrs. Peacock! And since my brother didn’t have an idea yet, I told him he should be one of the dudes from Clue. He decided on Professor Plum. And so, here we are:
Jocelyn and Brian at Halloween
Jocelyn and Brian at Halloween
I think it’s one of my favorite simple-but-fun costumes. 
I hope everyone has a fun (and safe) Halloween!
Did you dress up this year? What’s your favorite last minute costume?