Good Times with Old Friends

When I say old friends, I don’t mean we’re elderly because obviously we’re still super hot young women. Yet despite the fact that we’re most definitely still spring chickens, we’ve somehow been friends for over twenty years. And this past weekend we got together for a reunion weekend. 
I’m talking about my three best friends from college: my roommate Nina, my sorority sister Dana, and Dana’s roommate Nikki who also happened to be sorority sisters with Nina. Yeah, it’s bit confusing, but further proof that we were destined to become The Four Duke Girls. 
We became The Four Duke Girls our junior year when we traveled to Australia for a semester abroad at the University of New South Wales. The four of us shared an awesome apartment one street back from Coogee Beach and took super easy classes like “Reading the Romance Novel” and “The History of Modern Olympics.” We traveled all over Australia and New Zealand together, met people from all over the world, and basically had a blast. 
Four Duke Girls at Sydney Opera House
This year was the 20th anniversary of our trip Down Under (holy crap! I can’t believe it’s been that long), so we got together at my family’s lake house to celebrate. Although we’d seen each other in various combinations over the years, it had been ten years since we’d all four been together. But you’d never know it from the weekend. Even though there were a lot of stories to share to get caught up on each other’s lives, it felt like old times. In fact, we said it felt kind of weird because of just how not weird it felt to all be together again.
We had scrapbooks and videos of our time in Oz, which often triggered memories that sent us into hysterical laughter. One day we were so busy talking that we kind of forgot to change out of our pajamas until 2:30. It was a super lazy weekend and so much fun. 
I’d planned to get a picture of the four of us, but we were so busy chatting that we never got around to it. But, honestly, we all pretty much look the same. I’m the only one who seems to have acquired grey hair and extra weight. 
Four Duke Girls with Kangaroo
I love these ladies, and this type of connecting with old friends is good for the soul. It reminds you of who you used to be, how far you’ve come, and what ‘childhood’ dreams are still within reach. I highly recommend it – pick up the phone and give those friends from your past a call!