Fun With Fonts

No Comic SansI have a confession to make … I like the Comic Sans font. I know! I can’t believe I just admitted that. Comic Sans is so reviled by people there’s even a meme mocking it (they call it ugly! *gasp*), but I think it does a good job of following the must-be-easy-to-read rules while still having a bit of fun. Maybe that makes it kind of like a mullet: business in the front, party in the back. Wait, that comparison is not helping me feel better about my Comic Sans affection. 
But when it comes to writing, I’m a Times New Roman girl all the way. I love the classy look of it. And, MS Word, quit trying to fool me with that Cambria font you always throw at me – I can spot the difference immediately, and I don’t appreciate the switcheroo.
I know some circles prefer Courier because it’s monospaced, but I think it’s the true ugly font. And unfortunately, since it’s the standard for script formats, I have to sully my eyes with its unattractiveness while working on my screenplays.
Although I spend 99.9% of my time using boring fonts, I’ve always been fascinated by the various formats people come up with to represent the alphabet. Since I have no talent in the visual arts, I’m super impressed by the creativity artists and designers display in creating new fonts. In fact, here’s a short documentary profiling two of the best:

Font Men - SXSW 2014 Official Selection from dress code on Vimeo.

While these guys gained fame making business-y fonts, I’m partial to the ones with a bit more flair, so for this year’s Blogging from A to Z Challenge (my third – I can’t believe it!), I’m focusing on fun fonts. 
There’s a site called 1001 Free Fonts that covers the style gamut from austere to zany, and each day I’ll present a few of their fonts that start with the assigned letter. Some I’ll pick because the actual font catches my eye, while others I’ll pick because of the name of the font, since many of them have fantastic names that are very evocative.
And because twitter fiction is kind of my thing, I’ll also pick one of the chosen fonts to use as inspiration to write a tweet tale each day. I might write the tale inspired by the look of the font, or I might use the name of the font as inspiration (or even use the actual name in the tale), but I’ll be utilizing the creativity of these font designers to spark my own creativity. That way there will be something of me in each post rather than just displaying the art of others. 
I hope you enjoy the wild and wacky fonts I find and continue to pop by during this wild and wacky month of blogging!
What is your favorite font? Do you consider fonts to be a type of art? What type of font would you design? What are you doing for the A to Z Challenge?