Coach K and Duke Reach Magical 903

I’m such a proud Duke fan right now - huge congratulations to Coach Mike Krzyzewski!  My beloved Blue Devils beat the Michigan State Spartans 74-69, giving Coach K his 903rd victory and making him the winningest coach in NCAA Division I history.   He passed the record of his mentor Bobby Knight, and I’m not gonna lie, I got a little teary when they embraced at the end of the game.

Duke Blue Devil logo

The game was part of the State Farm Champions Classic at Madison Square Garden, and the first half was a tight back-and-forth as both teams seemed to feel the pressure and play a bit sloppy.  Then Duke returned from halftime and surged ahead.  They were up by 20 points with nine minutes left to play, and I was finally able to stop watching the game through my fingers.  But just as I relaxed back into the couch, Michigan decided they were back in it and made me very nervous in those last few minutes.  I can’t even imagine the turmoil happening in Coach K’s head (and stomach).  But luckily his boys were able to hold on to the win.   

People talk a lot of crap about Duke and especially Coach K, but I think the man is a class act.  I know I’m biased because I’m an alum, but I think he’s always humble and respectful, and tonight was no different.  Maybe it’s all just an act, but I think even the die-hard UNC fans would have to begrudgingly admit that he’s an excellent basketball coach.  I just wish I could have been back in Durham tonight inside Cameron with the rest of the Crazies watching the victory on the big screen.  I bet it was AMAZING!

I do think it’s funny that an unathletic, nerdy bookworm like myself ended up graduating from two schools where the athletic reputation often overshadows the academic one.  Although both Summerville and Duke are highly respected for their academics, they are probably more famous for their record breaking coaches.  As I mentioned in a previous post, my alma mater Summerville is home of the winningest high school football coach – John Mckissick.  And now here's Coach K breaking the winning record on the college basketball side, with many more coaching years left in his career (I hope!).  So even though I’m practically allergic to exercise, I’m glad I’ve been part of and had a chance to cheer for these two sports dynasties . . . and at least getting excited about the games keeps my blood pumping and prevents it from turning to sludge!

Congratulations again to Coach K for reaching such a momentous milestone! Fight, Blue Devils, Fight!