About Me

Every author website has to have the section where the writer weirdly talks about themselves in the third person, right?  So here we go:

Growing up, Jocelyn Rish wanted to be an astronaut, a dolphin trainer, and an Olympic equestrian.  But more than anything, she wanted to be – nope, not a writer – a princess.  Although not the kind of princess who worries about pretty dresses and fancy balls, but the kind who has talking animals and gets to be the boss of everyone.  Despite her intense love of reading and her active imagination, being a writer was never one of her childhood aspirations. 

As she grew taller and childhood dreams faded away, her knack for math and science led her down the practical path.  She graduated from Duke University with a major in psychology and a minor in computer science.  She then went to work at a software company.  All those years in a cubicle staring at a computer screen gave her mind plenty of time to wander off and get into trouble.  After creating countless adventures in her head, Jocelyn finally figured out she wanted to write stories for a living.

To prepare herself for this abrupt fork in the road, Jocelyn studied books about writing and attended classes, workshops, and conferences.  Then she gathered her courage and took the plunge that caused her parents to swoon – she quit her job to write full time.  Short stories and novels and screenplays, oh my!  Now she gets to be the boss of all her characters . . . or at least they let her think she is.

So far it looks like following her heart was the right decision.  She was one of the winners of the 2008 South Carolina Fiction Project, a winner of the 2009 Highlights fiction contest, and she has placed well in other writing contests.  Her biggest success so far is the screenplay she wrote with her brother, which won a generous grant from the SC Film Commission to fund the production of their movie.  Watch the trailer and learn more about Saying Goodbye here.

Jocelyn currently lives in Summerville, SC, with her various animals that she spoils absolutely rotten.  She’s also unhealthily addicted to screens with flashing lights, so if she’s not writing, you can find her watching TV or surfing her favorite writing and TV sites with the user name BoobTubeJunkie.