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Temporarily Tweet Tales Sunday Week 65 + Liebster

Since Sunday is the day off from the Blogging from A to Z Challenge, I’m using it for two other pieces of business.

Liebster by Ruby WilburFirst off, the talented Ruby Wilbur passed the Liebster Award to me - thank you, Ruby! If you haven’t been by her blog as part of the A to Z Challenge, hop on over there ASAP. She’s creating beautiful artwork to represent various fairy tales. And just look at how she jazzed up the Liebster Award badge! 
Since I’ve received a previous version of the Liebster, and I always break the rules with these things anyway, I’m going to answer five of Ruby’s questionsand then refer you to the bottom of this post for some random facts about me. I’m also not going to pass it on because most blogs I frequent already have it, and I’m entirely too lazy to track down blogs that don’t have it yet.
What household chore do you loathe?
Vacuuming – it’s murder on my back.
What was your strangest job?
In college, my work-study job was at the Institute of Parapsychology. I helped with experiments that tested how subjects’ remote viewing abilities correlated with their personality types. That place was wacky and I loved it! 
What goal would you most like to achieve?
To have one of my novels become a bestseller and then get to write the screenplay for the movie, which goes on to break box-office records. Nothing too farfetched.
What skill or talent would you like to have?
I would love to be able to draw. I’m so in awe of visual artists (like Ruby!). Plus I have so many stories I’d love to animate, but I don’t have the skills or the money to hire someone to do it. 
If you’ve had pets, which one was the most unusual?
I’ve had many pets and types of pets over the years. I’m not sure that any particular one was especially unusual, but I think the sheer volume and variety would qualify: dogs, cats, gerbils, mice, lops, iguanas, box turtles, water turtles, ducks, fish, hermit crabs, a parrot, a snapping turtle, a rabbit, and a snake. 
And now for the second order of business, my 15 Minute Tweet Tales for the week:
15 Minute Tweet Tales4/8 - Yes, you can buy wands and potions that kill, but truly powerful assassins have endogenous magic. You're about to learn that the hard way.
4/9 - The thecate sword sings to be free, but no man can pull it from the stone. When a young girl does, Arthur snatches it from her and runs.
4/10 - Jon tells his son about working as a kid to help his parents financially. His wife whispers, "They were rich." He winks. "Ben trovato."
4/11 - Hands clasped, tears streaming down her face, she impetrates any deity to save her son. Only one answers and his price is too high to pay.
4/12 - Sweet Suzy wants to share her gobstopper with her sisters, but futile attempts to spall it make her Hulk out and hurl it through a wall.
4/13 - "That dress makes her eyes pop." "Not to mention makes her butt huge." "No need to pull out the paralipsis just cause you're jealous."
4/14 - Jane did an onomastic search for the perfect name for her baby. Rainbowriffic Sparkles Smith wished his mom had checked the gender first.
Play along and write tweet tales for the above words. If you’re willing to share, post them on twitter with the hashtag #15tt or add them below in the comments because I’d love to read them. Any thoughts about this week's tweet tales or #15tt words?
Liebster image courtesy of Ruby Wilbur.

Happy Halloween!

I’m guessing since I mostly write thriller/suspense/horror, it’s no surprise my favorite holiday is Halloween.  I love dressing up in costumes – my ‘usual’ is a fairy gothmother.  Unfortunately, with all the craziness of filming the movie this month, I didn’t have much time or energy to get into the Halloween spirit this year.  Although I think filming a hoodoo ghost story . . . in a cemetery . . . at night . . . the week before Halloween . . . has to earn me some bonus ‘spirit’ points, even if I didn’t actually have a chance to dress up this year, right?  But to maintain the spooky spirit, I’ve included a picture of me and my reluctant witch-y sidekick from last year.

October 31st also means it’s the last day of Rachael Harrie’s Writer’s Platform-Building Campaign.  What an amazing event Rach has put together!!  I'm new to blogging, but because of her campaign, I’ve met so many wonderful people and discovered so many fantastic blogs.  Heaps of extra special thanks to Rach for coming up with such a great idea and having the energy and enthusiasm to keep it going.  I’m sad to see it come to a close, and I'm bummed I wasn’t able to fully participate during October, but I’m eagerly anticipating the next one.

One of the awesome people I’ve met during the Campaign is Jessica Therrien.  A few weeks ago she passed several blog awards to me: the Liebster, the One to Follow, and the One Lovely Blog.  I’ve been such a slacker, I never publically thanked her, so here I am doing it embarrassingly late - thank you, Jessica!  She’s a generous blogger, a great writer, and her YA paranormal OPPRESSION is coming out in February - I can’t wait to read it!

I hope everyone has had a productive October, and that you have a magical Halloween!

What is your costume for this year’s Halloween?  How are you coping with the end of the Writer’s Campaign?  Are you like me in using candy to fill the void?

A Week Full of Happy Dances

Over the past week and a half, I’ve been lucky to receive several pieces of good news.  Not three-book-six-figure-publishing-deal good news or even landing-my-dream-agent good news, but still things that made me feel like this:


Seriously, y’all, my appallingly out-of-shape self is starting to feel a little winded from all the happy dancing.  Despite being excited, I wasn’t sure if I should share all this in a post.  For one thing, it feels a bit too much like braggity brag brag, me ME ME!  And second, I’m also worried that Karma might read this and think, “Hmm… that’s an awful lot of good news for one person in one week - I best get around to balancing that out with some giant zits and food poisoning.”

However, good news feels even better when shared with friends (especially writer friends who understand how these small victories help us keep going when the process gets rough), and I’ve made so many new friends on the Campaign that I’ve decided to tempt fate and share my news. 

It all started with the Versatile blogger awards which I talked about in my previous post.  So thank you again to Stevie, Jessica, and K. T. for getting the good news ball rolling! 

Then I was awarded two Liebster blogger awards: one from Wendy Terrien and one from Bethany Lopez.  They are two more awesome ladies I’ve met on the Campaign, and I’m honored to get the Liebster from them.  The Liebster is intended to highlight deserving blogs with less than 200 followers, and since I am significantly under 200, I really appreciate the Liebster Blog Awardshout out from Wendy and Bethany - thank you!  Technically I’m supposed to pass it on to five more people, but as I mentioned here, I’m a crazy rule breaker.  And since all the blogs I was going to award it to already have it, I’m just going to end my acceptance speech here before the orchestra plays me off the stage. 

Next up I found out my short film Saying Goodbye was accepted into the Lady Filmmakers Film Festival where it will have its West Coast premiere.  Whoo hoo!

Then I was contacted out of the blue by the programmer at another film festival who saw our website and trailer and asked to see the film for possible inclusion in her festival.  It doesn’t mean it’ll get in, but it’s a welcome change from filling out applications and sending in hefty submission fees. 

Then my casting director told me that two of the actresses we really want for our new movie both really, really, really want to be in the film (that’s a sentence with a lot of ‘really’s).

So I was already feeling pretty high on life when I found out my first campaign challenge story won fifth place!   I had so much fun writing it, and I’m so thrilled people enjoyed it.  Thank you to Rach and the judges!  Also big thanks to the folks helping Rach organize things, as well as to all the people who donated prizes.  And thank you to everyone who stopped by to read my story.

There is one more piece of exciting news, but it’s not absolutely final yet, so I don’t want to talk about it and possibly jinx it.  I know I said I was tempting fate in this post, but I see no need to wave the red cape in front of the surly bull.

Thank you for indulging me while I got my brag on.  There is a lot of rejection in both the publishing world and the movie-making biz, so it’s nice to have a week where the stars seem to align in my favor.  Now if I could just figure out a way to freeze the stars in that particular configuration, I’d be good to go!

Do you have any exciting news to share?  Do you use your blog as a place to share good news with the world?  Do you worry that too many good things happening at one time means a really bad thing is lurking around the corner?